Oct 152018
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I’ve missed a few weeks of posting for RW and will try to post every week starting today. We had a few people out at work for a while and so I’ve been working overtime with just a few days off, and really haven’t done much of anything else. Things are mostly back to normal and my schedule for the next two weeks is a lot less hectic so I should be getting back on track. I even have this Sat. & Sun. off – woo hoo!I’ll track food and whatever else I do this for next week.

Steps Last Week
Tuesday: 9,148
Wednesday: 10,552
Thursday: 8,833
Friday: 9,023
Saturday: 7,844
Sunday: 7,671
Monday: 7,186

  4 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 10/16/18”

  1. You get lots of steps on those work days!

  2. Great job on the steps! I’ve been terrible at posting lately, mostly because I haven’t been getting any exercise and have been making terrible food choices.

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