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July Goals 
1. Eat more meatless meals: I ate 15 meatless meals last week
2. Drink enough water: Drank more, still about 10-15  oz. short each day
3. Strength train 5 times a week: I met my goal for strength training
4. Tai-chi/chi-gong three x’s a week: Fell short again

I signed up to try Dinnerly. Not sure how we’ll like it since we didn’t like the first meal kit plan we tried. I got the first three meals last night and plan on making one of them tonight.

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 7/10: 8,216
Wednesday~ 7/11: 8,281
Thursday ~ 7/12: 8,113
Friday ~ 7/13: 9,004
Saturday ~ 7/14: didn’t track
Sunday ~ 7/15: didn’t track
Monday ~ 7/16: 12,052

  6 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 7/17/18”

  1. I’ve never tired any of the meal kits because my friends seem to be pretty divided on them. I hope Dinnerly works for you.

  2. Three out of four goals in July is pretty darn good!

  3. Those meal subscription services always look so good but with all of my food sensitivities I can’t really try them out. They all have some allowances for allergy sufferers but it greatly reduces your meal choices.

    I am absolutely horrible in the fitness department. I was never really keen on it but after falling on my face and messing up my neck I can’t seem to get into any activity without dealing with some kind of pain afterward. It’s been three years with treatment but my head always feels like it’s just barely sitting on top of my neck!

    • This is the second meal kit I’ve tried and I don’t think it’s going to go over very well either.

      Wow, sorry about your neck!

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