Jul 182018

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My favorite thing to do in the morning is  really a few things.  I spend a few minutes with my dog Kaiyo. She is such a happy and loving dog and it brightens my day to spend some time with her before I get busy. I also start my day with prayers and reading from the Bible, and drinking water.

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  1. I miss my dog and the walks we’d go on so I get why you enjoy that time with Kaiyo.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to start your day.

  3. Vicki,
    What a lovely way to start your day! 🙂

  4. That sounds like a great way to start your mornings. 😉
    I’m not religious but I always love how people can start there mornings with prayers and reading the bible. It just sounds very peaceful.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.

    • Praying and reading from the Bible every morning helps me to stay positive no matter what life throws at me during the day.

      Thanks for hosting, I love My Favorite…

  5. Very similar for me. I leave for work really early so sometimes my dog doesn’t come all the way downstairs to “Send me off”. Sometimes she just sits on the landing and I have to go to her. LOL. But when she comes down we do hugs. She gives me hugs. I give her a treat and then when I get to work I do my Bible reading. I get there an hour early to avoid the traffic so it’s the perfect time. Plus, no one comes in until like two hours later.

    • I give my dog and cats treats every morning before I leave for work. They’re little piggies so they’re always waiting for me to turn the tv on for them and to give them a treat. Yes, I leave the tv on for them while I’m not there.

  6. I love snuggling with Baby if she’s in bed, or calling her in. I totally need to get back on the water train. I was doing so good while school was still going, and now…not like at all.

    • Snuggling with a baby is one of my favorite things too. I usually drink enough water but sometimes I go for short periods without drinking the amount I should.

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