Jun 282018

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Susanne says:
Intentionally looking for the blessings of the past week
Cultivating a grateful attitude and life is our goal
Please join us

1. My washer tore up so we had to buy a new one. I went with a top load Samsung and love it. So much more quite than my front load was.

2. I spent Tuesday with my daughter, granddaughter, and daughter’s MIL. We went shopping, out to eat, and then did more shopping. We were gone from 10 am until almost 10 pm. It was a lot of fun.

3. My car needed to have the oil changed so I took it in to the dealer. They also check the fluids, rotate the tires etc. My son in law had already told me I needed new tires soon but the dealer said I should change them as soon as I could. It worried me especially since we’re in our rainy season and the roads where I live are prone to flooding. My son searched online for the size I need which are hard to find and luckily found some a few days later. I took them and had them put on and I feel so much better knowing I have excellent traction now. Plus, the warranty was really good.

4. I had 4 WM GC’s in my purse, left overs from getting gas, and decided to check to see if there was any money on them and if not throw them away. To my surprise they had $23, $4.99, $8.00, & $12.99 on them for a total of $48.68! Now to decide what to buy!

5. My new schedule at work came out and I found out I have today, tomorrow, and Sunday off. That’s only happened once before, and I rarely get a Saturday or Sunday off. I was very grateful for that!

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  1. Free money and free time! You hit the jackpot for sure. Your girls day out sounds lovely. I love the header on your blog. I am a Jersey girl at heart, even though I only spent a few early years there. Just love the beach!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful week, Vicki. Have a wonderful weekend too.

  3. New appliances are fun! As are shopping trips! It’s a relief to have new tires. Nice to have a balance on several gift cards and days off!

  4. A great day out, money you didn’t know you had and days off – definitely lots to be happy about. Enjoy your free time.

  5. I do love gift cards. I cleaned out a closet and found one with $45 on it! It was great fun to spend.

    Enjoy those days off!

    Have a great week ahead.

  6. Yay for new appliances and shopping dates!!

    I really wasn’t worried about my daughter driving to and from Montreal…..i prayed and kept her inprayer the entire time! Praying keeps the worry away!!

    What do you do that you have to work weekends???! Ugh! But at least you have this one off!!

    • I pray every morning and night for my kids and grandkids to get where they’re going and back home safely.

      I work in a Health & Rehab.

  7. Sounds like you had a great week! Congrats on the three day weekend! Enjoy it!

  8. I love this reminder to be thankful!

  9. Going out with family or friends is always fun ! You had a nice week !

  10. Weekend off is really precious.

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