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I had to go to the dr. last week to get blood test results. and when they took my blood pressure, it had gone from 120/68 to 160/72 which was in a 3 month period. I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately due to a combination of things but I didn’t think it was enough to make my bp go up, especially that much. It freaked me out! Then the doctor came in and told me my all blood test results came back good so I was overjoyed to hear that!

Anyway…starting today (for June) I’m going to work on getting my bp back to 120/68 by doing more deep breathing & meditation, yoga & tai-chi and eating healthier.

prayer & meditation
deep breathing
80 oz. water

At Least 1 A Day
Listen to a guided meditation:
Watch comedy show/movie:

Meals Last Week
Tuesday: Hamburger & Fries
Wednesday: Chinese
Thursday: Leftover Chinese
Friday: Sausage & Collard Greens
Saturday: Yamato Japanese Steakhouse
Sunday: Ruby Tuesday
Monday: Jack’d Up Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & corn

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 5/29: didn’t track
Wednesday~ 5/30: 7,863
Thursday ~ 5/31: 7,920
Friday ~ 6/1: 11,121
Saturday ~ 6/2: 9,555
Sunday ~ 6/3: didn’t track
Monday ~ 6/4: 8,511

  8 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 6/5/18”

  1. Sorry to hear about your blood pressure and hope you get it under control soon.

  2. I hope all your blood pressure is better soon. My doctor likes that I take so many walks and thinks that did the trick. I think reducing sodium and losing a few pounds helped, too.

    • I get enough steps/exercise and don’t really need to lose any weight so my dr. thinks it might just be from the stress and eating too much Mexican which I seem to be addicted to lately.

  3. I hope your blood pressure comes down. I’m supposed to go get some lab work done, but have been putting it off.

  4. I hope your blood pressure will be ok and you’ll feel better.

  5. Thanks Klara!

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