May 232018

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1. I saw this word when I opened Google on my laptop. Google was celebrating Abraham Ortelius who was a founder of cartography. You can read more about him here.

the science or practice of drawing maps.
I probably have seen this word before but since I didn’t know/remember it’s meaning I decided to play WWW today.

2. I saw this word @ Joyfully Retired
Ellery stared vacantly at Fiorelli’s cicatrix.

plural cicatrices play \ˌsi-kə-ˈtrī-(ˌ)sēz, sə-ˈkā-trə-ˌsēz\

1a scar resulting from formation and contraction of fibrous tissue in a wound
2a mark resembling a scar especially when caused by the previous attachment of an organ or part (such as a leaf)

  8 Responses to “Wondrous Words Wednesday”

  1. Margot does use some good words. Cicatrix is new to me and doesn’t sound too pleasant. Thanks for playing along today!

  2. I hate to think of scars especially the ones which won’t go away.

  3. Cicatrix was new to me too. I had to look it up.

  4. Hi Vicki! I don’t think I would make a good cartographologist. See, I can’t spell the word! Furthermore, I can’t draw. I don’t even dare to draw conclusions!

    Just kidding. This is really in re your comment on Ocala: The reason there are no driveways with these duplexes is that this is a “model” home. They leave off the driveways to make it easier for people to move from one side to the other and also to keep them from parking their cars in the driveway instead of the special parking lot (not shown in my photo) on the far side of the building.

    Eventually, when these duplexes are sold out and/or they quit selling them, they’ll sell the models and put in the driveways.

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