May 232018

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This was a hard one for me because I LOVE finding new recipes and have a lot of favorites to choose from. But, I chose one that I could eat every day. It’s meant to be for breakfast, but I’ve been known to eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

California Yogurt Bowl from Heidi Swanson’s blog QUITOKEETO

Spoon one cup of whole milk yogurt into bowl

Top the yogurt with:
a bit of thinly sliced, ripe avocado (I use more than a bit)
1/3 cup lightly smashed boysenberries or blackberries (I use blueberries)
1 tablespoon maple syrup
scant 1/4 cup raw rolled oats
a tiny bit of sea salt, optional
Each bowl serves one

I also add a few tablespoons of flax seed, wheat germ, and walnuts.


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  7 Responses to “My Favorite: Recipe”

  1. Oh this looks delicious! I’ve made some smoothies from Heidi Swanson but the yogurt bowl sounds even better.

  2. Okay, I did try this combo the other day, minus the berries and it was very good. I always enjoy avocado in my yogurt bowls but even in So California, people give me weird looks when I do it.

  3. This sounds very tasty. I’ll have to try it sometime 😉
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.

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