May 212018


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prayer & meditation
deep breathing
80 oz. water

At Least 12 A Month 
Light incense or a candle when you get home: 5
Take a walk outside: 2
Watch a food/health documentary: 1
Listen to a guided meditation/favorite music: 2
Watch a comedy tv show/movie: 4

Meals Last Week
Tuesday: Pork Chops & green beans
Wednesday: Ravioli
Thursday: Fish & fries
Friday: Beef Stew
Saturday: Tacos
Sunday: Spaghetti
Monday: Salisbury Steak & Broccoli

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 5/15: 7,412
Wednesday~ 5/16: 10,728
Thursday ~ 5/17: 10,321
Friday ~ 5/18: 8,609
Saturday ~ 5/19: 7,474
Sunday ~ 5/20: didn’t track
Monday ~ 5/21: 8,417


  2 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 5/22/18”

  1. You’re doing so great with your steps!

  2. I only track while at work. I want to get another tracker that I can clip to my sock or shoe so I can track while at home too.

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