Apr 272018

Skywatch Friday

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  26 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. That sky looks ominous.

  2. Lovely, dramatic sky!

  3. What a dramatic looking sky, it’s amazing that no rain came.

  4. WOW, looks dark and moody. Great shot.

  5. Hard to tell if it’s day or night….
    Fabulous sky photo!

  6. Looks a lot like the skies we get this time of year. – Margy

  7. Pretty how the sunlight is breaking through the cloud cover! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. With that sky I’d rather be indoors…

  9. Great shot! Thick clouds but not so dark have been passing through all morning. Storms to the north of us. Wish some of the darker clouds would make their way down to us.

  10. This is Florida! I would consider taking off in the opposite direction. Great photo, tho!

  11. What an amazing shot!

  12. there is drama in the sky 🙂

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