Apr 232018

Every Tuesday I host First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros sharing the first paragraph or two of a book that I’m reading or plan to read soon

Feel free to join in by posting your own FCFPTI and linking below

The Flower Girl Murder

The Flower Girl Murder by Keith Hirshland

Lancaster Heart continued to stare at his mobile phone. The fella on the other end had long since sighned off. He diverted his attention, momentarily, to the computer screen in front of him. The script for the lead story of that evening’s newscast was only a paragraph. A glance at the Rolex on his left wrist told him he still had plenty of time; the big red ticking numbers on the digital clock on the wall confirmed it. His gaze returned to the phone still in his hand, blank screen staring back. He exhaled.

  18 Responses to “First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros:
The Flower Girl Murder by Keith Hirshland”

  1. I’m curious about this book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That paragraph was a scary look back at my life a few years ago. All those multiple pressure spots. Whew! I’m glad I’m retired. I think I’ll skip this one Vicki.

  3. Interesting intro. I am. curious to go on.

  4. Yes that opening has me wanting to find out more – couldn’t deal with that kind of stress myself though!

  5. Interesting intro.

  6. This one has possibilities, I’d read a bit more to see where it’s headed.

    So happy you are hosting this weekly feature Vicki, I had too much going on and hated to see it be abandoned

  7. Intriguing opening. I’d certainly read on.

  8. Good intro. I’d definitely keep reading. I’m not a fan of the cover though.

  9. I like the beginning. It’s got a very noir feeling to it and I’m curious about what the guy is so stressed out about!

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