Apr 162018


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80 oz. Water
Deep Breathing
Brain Exercise: puzzles,memory recall, number/word search, online games

20 Times Total 
Yoga~ 2
Tai Chi~ 2
Qi Gong~
Strength Training~ 13

I also found this 21 Day Relaxation Course and want to do it this month

Meals Last Week 
My draft got deleted and I don’t remember what we had Tues. – Fri.
Tuesday: ?
Wednesday: ?
Thursday: ?
Friday: ?
Saturday: Ramen
Sunday: Sonny’s BBQ
Monday: 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza & a piece of cherry pie

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 4/10: 9,165
Wednesday~ 4/11: didn’t track
Thursday ~ 4/12: 8,527
Friday ~ 4/13: 8,704
Saturday ~ 4/14: 9,515
Sunday ~ 4/15: didn’t track
Monday ~ 4/16: 12,063

  8 Responses to “Reader’s Workout: 4/17/18”

  1. Sounds like you did well with your steps. Good work!

  2. You need to start tracking your steps every day because you do so well with them.

  3. You’re getting in a lot of strength-training this month. April is a good month for that, for me, because it means I’m less likely to injure myself in May when I start doing more outside work.

  4. It’s a shame about your draft. You always have interesting and yummy meals.

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