Apr 082018

Sunday Reflections

The sky is full of different color clouds, it’s 65° with an expected high of 79° and a low tonight of 63°, there’s very little breeze and birds have been singing all morning

That the storm last night wasn’t as bad as they predicted

Today I’m starting Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us by Roma Downey

Listening To…
The Memory of Butterflies by Grace Greene which I am 100% loving! It’s such a heartwarming book with quite a few big surprises. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free right now

I never watched Hart Of Dixie before because I wan’t sure I’d like it, but last week I decided to watch one episode and see what I thought, and I’ve been binge watching it since. I’m on season 3 episode 4. It’s so good!

Finally did some yoga, and have tai-chi & chi-gong on my list too

In The Kitchen…
Last night I made hamburgers, but not sure about today. Maybe some chili

Today’s To-Do List…
I haven’t had a day to do nothing in a really long time so I plan on spending the day relaxing, watching Hart Of Dixie and reading

One of my favorite things…
I’ve been going to Taco Bell for years, but usually get the same things, Beef Burrito, Burrito Supreme, Taco Supreme, or Taco Salad. But I tried a Chalupa a few weeks ago and loved it.

Looking forward to…
♥Going to Disney World on Wednesday with my daughter Kilah ♥

A Favorite Bible Verse…

From the camera…

  26 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 4/8/18”

  1. It’s really cooled off here – I wish it would get up to 79. Enjoy your day!

  2. Played golf this morning. It was quite cold and very windy and very dark gray sky. Then the sun came out and warmed things up for about 30 minutes. But it got cold and gray again. Crazy. But it’s better than having temps in the 90s in April. We’ll have enough of them when summer hits.

  3. Ooops … I wanted to say “Thanks” for your comments on Ocala; they are much appreciated!

  4. Funny how both of your books have butterflies in the title. Hope you have a great time at Disney!

  5. Yay for Disney! We’re going back in October and I can’t wait. Sounds like you’re having some nice temperatures though cold for this time of year. Have a great week!

    • October is a good month to go as far as weather, but all the snowbirds are down here for the winter then so it may be a bit more people there.

  6. oh, wow, nice photo, where did you find these beauties?

  7. Hoping you had a nice relaxing day. Have a great new week, Vicki.

  8. enjoy your day. I’ve never been to Taco Bell, I have a “thing” for ground meat. I know, I know, I’m weird. I’ve been setting really ‘small’ goals for myself, just so tired no idea why? So today after making the meals, I sat down and purged a few recipes. And I’m watch the ball game. Have a great week.

  9. Happy Sunday, Vicki! I am seeing a lovely butterfly theme here. Love Bible verse and photo! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  10. Two butterfly books? That seems like a nice theme.

  11. Enjoy Disney!! I’m hoping for warmer weather.

  12. Reading your Sunday posts is as good as reading my Guidepost Daily reader. You should think about writing for them. Have fun at Disney World.

  13. If you go to Typhoon Lagoon while at Disney World see if you can spot my son. He will be the wild one singing or dancing by the water slides.

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