Apr 032018


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80 oz. Water
Deep Breathing
Brain Exercises: puzzles,memory recall, number/word search, online games

20 Times Total 
Tai Chi~
Qi Gong~
Strength Training~
Brain Exercises~

I also found this 21 Day Relaxation Course and want to do it this month

I’m working on weekly menus for each week this month.

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 3/27: didn’t track
Wednesday~ 3/28: 10,056
Thursday ~ 3/29: 8,243
Friday ~ 3/30: 10,506
Saturday ~ 3/31: 9,598
Sunday ~ 4/01: 9,144
Monday ~ 4/02: 11,039

  10 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 4/3/18”

  1. You did great with your steps! Keep it up!

  2. You inspire me to take better care of myself. Thank you, Vicki!

  3. A relaxation course sounds excellent. I’ll be interested in how it goes for you.

  4. Hi Vicki! Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my Ocala blog today. It’s always good to hear from another Florida bloggers. Best wishes!

  5. I love seeing your photos of places near me.

  6. Number of steps looks pretty impressive this week.

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