Mar 302018

 Skywatch Friday

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  28 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. I wish I were there right now.

  2. What a beautiful image, wish I lived by the water.

    • I grew up at a lake and then lived right by the ocean in California. Even though I loved both, I didn’t appreciate it like I would now that I’m older.

  3. Ah, yes, who wouldn’t rather be at the beach?
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I can almost hear the waves crashing!

  5. How tranquil. Thank You

  6. Pack your sun block!

  7. Pretty beach shot. Love the sky!

  8. So beautiful and joyful!

  9. That’s a beauty of a photo. I love the beach!

  10. Delightful. It’s been too long since I’ve walked on a beach.

    Happy Easter, Vicki!

  12. beautiful sky and I love the water 🙂

  13. Just Beautiful! Must be so soothing to walk along the shore.
    I live in a country with no access to any sea, but we do have lakes. 🙂

    Wihsing you a Happy Easter,

  14. Stay calm and go to the beach.

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