Mar 192018


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It’s been cold at night, down in the low 30’s. There was frost on my car four mornings in a row, thick enough that my wipers couldn’t wipe it off my windshield. I’ve been freezing! Even with the heat on 74° and covered up with 2-3 blankets, I’m freezing. I’m past ready for spring like weather.

Deep Breathing
80 oz. Water

At Least 12 A Month:
Light incense or a candle
Listen to a guided meditation/favorite music
Watch a comedy tv show/movie

Yoga or Tai-Chi
Step Aerobics
Strength Training

Meals Last Week
Tuesday: PB&J sandwich
Wednesday: Ravioli
Thursday: Chicken, green beans, sweet potato wedges
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Soup
Sunday: Bratwurst with sour kraut & spicy brown mustard
Monday: Chili

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 3/13: didn’t track
Wednesday~ 3/14: 11,698
Thursday ~ 3/15: 9,149
Friday ~ 3/16: 10,969
Saturday ~ 3/17: 9,209
Sunday ~ 3/18: 7,853
Monday ~ 3/19: 10,705

  12 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 3/20/18”

  1. Our weather is so up and down it’s hard to know how to dress. I’ve been freezing today and tomorrow’s supposed to be warm. Keep up all those steps!

  2. I seldom comment on these posts, but I do love reading them. I always get an idea of something I should try, like the 80 oz. of water this week. I notice our menus are often very similar. I enjoy reading your weekly life.

  3. Vicki, I enjoy reading these posts, although your menus tend to make me hungry.
    Our nights and mornings have been chilly, too. Spring begins tomorrow–yay!

  4. I can’t wait for spring either. They’re calling for snow here again today.

  5. I could really use more spring-like weather in my days, too!

  6. Number of this week steps is very impressive.

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