Mar 052018


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Deep Breathing
80 oz. Water

At Least 12 A Month:
Light incense or a candle
Listen to a guided meditation/favorite music
Watch a comedy tv show/movie

Step Aerobics
Strength Training

Meals Last Week
Tuesday: 2 Kobe beef hamburger patties & 2 pieces Munster cheese
Wednesday: Taco Bell
Thursday: Subway
Friday: Bacon & Tomato sandwich
Saturday: Leftover Subway
Sunday: 2 Kobe beef hamburger patties & Colby cheese chunks
Monday: A corn dog & cheese doodles for National Cheese Doodle Day

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 2/27: 5,858
Wednesday~ 2/28: didn’t track
Thursday ~ 3/1: 8,911
Friday ~ 3/2: 10,734
Saturday ~ 3/3: 10,312
Sunday ~ 3/4: 8,352
Monday ~ 3/5: 10,777

  4 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 3/6/18”

  1. Ha! I had no idea that I missed National Cheese Doodle Day.

  2. National Cheese Doodle Day sounds interesting and rather commercial 😉

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