Feb 192018

Every Tuesday I host First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros sharing the first paragraph or two of a book that I’m reading or plan to read soon

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I Never Knew That About New York

Chapter 1
New York exists because of it’s harbor- although it is not officially called a harbor but rather Upper New York Bay. Five miles long from Staten Island in the south to the southern tip of Manhattan in the north and four miles wide from Brooklyn in the east to New Jersey in the west, the Upper Bay forms one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

Based on this intro, would you read more or pass on this book?

  28 Responses to “First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros”

  1. This sounds like an interesting and informative book about NY!

  2. I love books set in New York, and this one sounds very informative.

  3. Love New York Harbor…and all of New York. Then again, I’m a native New Yorker born in Manhattan.

  4. Well, that was interesting. I’d love to read this one. I’ve only been there twice but, I loved it – as a visitor. (I’m too midwestern to live there.)

  5. I’m not sure this one is for me but I do hope you enjoy it.

  6. I’ve seen other books by Winn – all informative and entertaining. A book to dip into and useful if you’re visiting NY.

  7. I am very much not a New York girl at all. However, I think what struck me is the size – 5 miles long and 4 miles wide? Not so big and way too many people. Ha!

  8. I’m not a fan of NYC so I’d probably take a pass on this one. I hope you like it though.

  9. I’d definitely take a look at this if i was heading to New York again.

  10. I didn’t even know that about New York! Probably an interesting book – I enjoy geography and history, and little trivia tidbits like that.

  11. Looks like this would be a great reference for anyone writing about New York.
    Thank you for hosting FCFPTI.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  12. I like books like this. Lately I have been thinking of getting books on Japan as I know so little of the culture.

    • My brother and his family lived in Japan for 3 years while he was in the Marines and they loved it.

      My family and I would love to take a trip to Japan so I need to learn more about their culture.

  13. In college, my North American geography professor said New York wouldn’t have existed if they had not built certain features around that allowed it to be the major transportation hub it became being able to channel goods through the canals it raced to build.

  14. I’d love to see NY. Maybe that book will take me there?… Sounds good.

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