Feb 122018

Every Tuesday I host First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros sharing the first paragraph or two of a book that I’m reading or plan to read soon

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Why I Hate Green Beans cover art

Why Is Charlie Brown’s Teacher Talking To Me?

I had the coolest language arts teacher in the eighth grade. Not only did Mrs. Smith make studying grammar, composition, and public speaking a fun activity, but she also took the time to invest in our lives. Her assignments were creative and entertaining, and the often involved her stuents really digging into their tender junior high bains, forcing us to take a good strong look at who we currently were as well as who we wanted to be.

Based on this intro, would you read more or pass on this book?

  27 Responses to “First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros”

  1. This one sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing…and for hosting. Enjoy!

  2. I wish I’d had a teacher like that! This sounds like a book I’d enjoy.
    Thank you for hosting.

    • I had two really amazing teachers in school. One was my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Morris, and the other was my BOE teacher in high school. I still think of them often and wonder how they are doing.

  3. I like that a great teacher was highlighted in this first paragraph. I’d love to listen to this one. Enjoy Vicki.

  4. This sounds fun and with very appealing language.

  5. Mrs Smith sounds like a great teacher – making grammar a fun activity is such a skill!

  6. This sounds like it could be a fun book to read.

  7. I think that title is cute – and I want to know why she hates green beans! LOL

  8. Sounds like an entertaining read.

  9. Sounds like a fun one. Enjoy!

  10. Interesting title and I’m guessing this would make for a fun read.

  11. I love the title and I also that the author is acknowledging a former teacher.

  12. Sounds fun and I love the title!

    PS Yesterday you asked about the character with the name Death on my review yesterday. I meant to explain that one! Whoops! They actually do talk about it His mother was an English teacher and his name is pronounced like Deeth and he’s named after Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey who has Deeth as part of his many names.

  13. It starts interesting.

  14. The best kind of teacher! Hopefully my students say the same about me one day. I do happen to like green beans, but not a lot of other veggies!

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