Feb 042018

Sunday Reflections

74°, sunny with a slight breeze

For a job I love

Finally out of my print reading slump so I should finish The Reminders shortly. Haven’t started  The Story Of Arthur Truluv yet because of the reading slump, but I have it and should start it within the next few days

Listening To…
The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica
by Laurie Gwen Shapiro 7 narrated by Jacques Roy

Tonight after the Super Bowl I’ll be watching This Is Us and finally get to see/find out what I’ve been waiting for for many many episodes… I ♥ this show!!!

Summer isn’t as hot as winter has been cold

How to better pick fruits & veggies

I need to start eating breakfast, lunch, & dinner. I usually eat twice a day and that’s not good

In The Kitchen…
Tonight we’re having fish, cole slaw, & baked beans

Today’s To-Do List…
Same as usual for a Sunday afternoon/evening, read and watch tv, maybe take a nap

One of my favorite things:
Getting to sleep in an hour or two if I want on my days off

A website I’d like to share:
Let’s Find Momo where you look at photos and try to find Momo

Looking forward to…
Going to Weeki Wachee with my daughter Kilah on Tuesday

A Favorite Bible Verse…

A favorite quote…
Image result for picture quotes

From the camera….

No automatic alt text available.

From our NYC trip

Strand bookstore is amazing!

  20 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 2/4/18”

  1. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Vicki! As usual, you’ve posted another wonderful Sunday Reflections post! This Is Us sounds like a great show. Have a terrific Sunday!

  2. Have a great evening, Vicki. Great night shot of the bookstore, I like it.

  3. I LOVE This is Us as well (especially Toby) he is so sweet to Kate. A few other good shows we love is The Residents (only 3 episodes have aired so far) and The Good Doctor (he is autistic).

    Have a nice week Vicki.

    • I agree about Toby. I haven’t heard of The Residents but will look for it. My son Anthony watches The Doctor and keeps telling me I should too. I might now that most of the shows I watch are off air for a while. I hope you a have a nice week too!

  4. 74 and sunny sounds lovely. I shoveled snow in 15° this afternoon 🙂
    I also like This is Us. I’ll record the episode tonight to watch sometime later in the week.

    • Yikes, that’s cooold Mary! I record about 95% of the shows I watch but I’ll be watching live tonight since I don’t have to work tomorrow.

  5. Someone asked me about This Is Us yesterday and I had no idea what she was talking about.

  6. Yes! The Strand is amazing. I would much rather have a cold winter than a hot summer, but I think extreme temperatures are here to stay. Maybe I’ll read Stowaway next.

  7. I’ve not seen This is Us yet. It’s not on a network/channel I get. I know about the big thing that happened though because I accidentally saw it on social media.

    • I watched the first season on Netflix and now watch it on my local NBC channel. It’s amazing! I hate seeing important show stuff before I watch the show.

  8. I’m checking out Find Momo in just a minute. It sounds fun! I hope you enjoyed This is Us. I heard it was heartbreaking. Enjoy your temps in the 70s and if you won’t to send some up just a little north I will not be sad! Have a great week!

    • I love trying to find Momo. Sometimes I can look and look and just can’t find him though. I’m enjoying the temps, but I’d rather see snow.

  9. I have to go check out Find Momo. Sounds like something Harley would love. That girl can look at pictures all day long. I wrote about This Is Us on my currently today too!

  10. Good evening shot.

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