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Weill I met all my goals except for yoga & tai-chi. Total Fail! Not once this month. Shame on me!

But I did gather my dvid’s for both and plan on starting over with the goal in February. I’m also making it a separate goal from my “At Least 12 A Month” goal. I’m hoping that will help me. My goal will be 12 of each for the month. Wish me luck! I may change the other goals between now and next Tuesday’s post. Not sure yet.

I can not find my two favorite workout dvd’s. If you’ve been reading my RW’s for a while, you may remember that they are oldies but goodies. In the 90’s I stumbled upon Susan Powter’s Moving With Susan & Building Strength With Susan. One is a step workout and the other is a full body workout using dumbbells and a few other things. Best two I’ve ever tried. I LOVE THEM!!! I bought the video’s and  when dvd’s came out I ended up transferred them. I can’t find the dvd’s which is strange because they are the two I used the most, and I can find all my other ones. And I have a lot. A LOT. Anyway, I’m not able to do them and so I have to make another copy of them. I’ll probably find the first two within a few days of having the second set. That’s how it usually goes with me.


prayer & meditation
deep breathing
80 oz. water

At Least 12 A Month 
Light incense or a candle when you get home: 8
Take a walk outside: 3
Watch a food/health documentary: 1
Listen to a guided meditation/favorite music: 3
Watch a comedy tv show/movie: 4

Meals Last Week
Tuesday: Bunless hamburger & ff’s
Wednesday: Salad & wings
Thursday: Hot Dogs with sauerkraut
Friday: Hot dogs cut up into sauerkraut
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Leftover pizza
Monday: Corned beef & fries

Steps Last Week
Tuesday~ 1/23: 10,488
Wednesday~ 1/24: didn’t track
Thursday ~ 1/25: 16,281
Friday ~ 1/26: 9,354
Saturday ~ 1/27: 8,433
Sunday ~ 1/28: 8,646
Monday ~ 1/29: didn’t track

  8 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 1/30/18”

  1. Only you didn’t do yoga and Tai-Chi??? You know, how many planned things I didn’t do in January? A lot. I don’t want to even think of it. You’ve done very well with the rest of tasks. Congrats.

  2. Vicki, you’re doing a great job, as Klara points out! I will “borrow” your idea to watch a food/health documentary for next month.

  3. 16,000 is a big day of steps! I don’t know why I find it hard to do my yoga and tai-chi DVDs. I feel so good when I’m done! I think I’m afraid that I’ll be bored. But, that doesn’t really happen — even with the ones that I’ve completed dozens of times.

  4. be careful with Yoga, my back did not like it. 🙁

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