Jan 012018

I decided to join Sheila for the First Book Of The Year 2018

For my first book I chose The Reminders by Val Emmich

Grief-stricken over his partner’s death, Gavin sets fire to every physical reminder in the couple’s home. A neighbor captures the ordeal on video, turning this unsung TV actor into a household name. Now, Gavin is fleeing the hysteria of Los Angeles for New Jersey, hoping to find peace with the family of an old friend. Instead, he finds Joan.

Joan, the family’s ten-year-old daughter, was born with the rare ability to recall every day of her life in cinematic detail. In seconds, she can tell you how many times her mother has uttered the phrase “it never fails” in the last six months (27) or what she was wearing when her grandfather took her fishing on a particular Sunday in June years ago (fox socks). Joan has never met Gavin until now, but she did know his partner, Sydney, and waiting inside her uncanny mind are half a dozen startlingly vivid memories to prove it.

Gavin strikes a deal with Joan: in return for sharing all her memories of Sydney, Gavin will help Joan win a local songwriting contest she’s convinced could make her unforgettable. The unlikely duo sets off on their quest until Joan reveals unexpected details about Sydney’s final months, forcing Gavin to question not only the purity of his past with Sydney but the course of his own immediate future.

Told in the alternating voices of these two irresistible characters, The Reminders is a hilarious and tender exploration of loss, memory, friendship and renewal.

What is your first read of 2018?

  30 Responses to “First Book Of The Year 2018”

  1. I hope your first book of the year is a great one. 🙂

  2. I tend to like books told in alternating voices. Hope this will be a good start to your 2018 reading. Happy New Year, Vicki!

  3. I hope it’s a good one. Happy New Year!

  4. I hope you love your first book of the year, Vicki!

  5. Hope you enjoy your first book, you’ll have to let us know. Enjoy the new year and happy reading to you, Vicki.

    • Thanks Bill! If I’m remembering correctly you once commented that you like to read too. If so, I hope you read many fantastic books this year.

  6. Sounds like a good book to start the year with.

  7. Hi Vicki,

    Probably not a book for me, but I really like the cover art and I can it imagine it might turn into a quite emotional read.

    I finished off a book I started way before Christmas, so my first book proper is a psychological thriller – ‘Falling’ by Emma Kavanagh.

    Have a very Happy New Year and I hope that you have some great reading lined up for 2018 🙂


  8. Looks like a good one. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

  9. This one looks very good! Thanks for sharing. Mine was Every Breath You Take, by MHC/Alafair Burke.

    I just reviewed it here: https://laurelrainsnow.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/review-every-breath-you-take-by-mary-higgins-clark-alafair-burke/

    Will you be leading in the Tuesday Intros starting tomorrow?

  10. A new title to me but it sounds pretty good. I hope you love it Vicki. Happy New Year!

  11. This one sounds good. A new to me author.

  12. This looks fantastic! Happy reading 🙂

  13. Happy New Year Vicki and hope you read many good books as well.

  14. I haven’t come across this one but it sounds wonderful and completely unique. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it! Happy New Year!

  15. I’ve been reading ‘Wintersmith’ by Terry Pratchett since end of December, so I entered 2018 with that book. It’s great.

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