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My One Word for 2018 is:


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  1. Oh I love this! I’ve found in the last year that the way to make progress is to strip my goals down. I don’t get huge things accomplished but I make progress which is more than I was doing before. I couldn’t think of the word to say that but I think simplify is just perfect! We do tend to complicate things.

  2. I choose patience. I need it more and more…

  3. Patience is the word for me too, I never seem to have enough. I love those rocks, we have a few and then I started to take photos of words that I see on my walks. I found that to be a fun exercise.
    Enjoy the day, Vicki.

  4. What a good word. I don’t usually pick a word for the year, but I’m trying to decide on one for this year.

    • It’s hard to decide what one word to choose out of so many words. I just thought about what I’d like to change in 2018 and thought “simplify” since it means to make simple or simpler: such as; to reduce to basic essentials.

      We’re moving from over 2000 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft. so I really need to reduce the stuff I have. Mostly tons of books and lighthouse stuff.

  5. You are so good and on top of it. It took me a long time last year to select my word. This year, I feel it percolating a bit sooner but still not sure what to pick. I never feel that one word really captures what I want it to.

    I believe Simplify was one of my words one year.

    • I always choose my one words depending on what I want to accomplish that year. In 2018 I want to rid my life of anything I don’t need or brings me stress or sadness.

      I’m looking forward to seeing which word you’ll choose for 2018.

  6. That was my word a few years ago! Great word to keep in mind throughout the year. I will put up my word for the year post soon. Your painted rocks are lovely! Happy Holidays!

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