Dec 092017

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January: Diversify Your Reading: Unashamed by Lecrae Moore

February: One Word:

March: Travel the World:

April: Read Locally:

May: Book to Screen:

June: Crack the Case:

July: Vacation Reads:

August: Award Winners:

September: Don’t Turn Out The Light:

October: New or Old:

November: Family:

December: Wrapping It Up:

  9 Responses to “2018 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge”

  1. This Monthly Motif Challenge is new to me. It sounds like fun!

  2. This will be my second year joining in, it has been fun this year. Did you go link up? We can compare some books this year!

  3. Thanks for joining us!!

  4. A different way to find some interesting books to read.

  5. Yes it is. I’m joining for the first time.

  6. March is my favourite!

  7. I think it is mine too. I love traveling, in real life and via books.

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