Dec 022017

One of the many uprooted trees in my area that Irma caused

Saturday Snapshot

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    • I agree Kathy. There are still a lot of brush and tree limbs piled along roads too. And I’m also still seeing piles of house contents waiting to be picked up. Irma and the flooding made a mess of things and it may take a while longer to get it all picked up.

  1. As a hurricane survivor myself (Andrew), I think most people don’t realize how long clean-up takes after a hurricane. Some of the damage is irreversible. Thanks for sharing a photo that illustrates the force of hurricane winds.
    I hope you and your family were not seriously affected.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a hike among giant rocks!

    • l’ve been through a lot of hurricanes since I moved to Florida 30 years ago. But I think Irma did more damage in my area than the others. Lots of damage to houses, nature, and the river a mile from me overflowed a lot. And of course the electric was out for about 2 weeks, but that’s happened before. A lot of progress has been made but there’s a lot of cleanup that still needs done.

  2. That’s a big tree. I can’t imagine the conditions that made it happen. Never been affected by hurricanes but have experienced a few earthquakes and they are scary enough.

    • The wind was crazy. I have a Mitsubishi Mirage and I kept it in the garage because I was afraid the wind would send it flying. I’ve been through earthquakes too, I used to live in California. I don’t know what is scarier.

  3. Wow! We only had one large tree go down and it’s starting to blend into the pasture and perimeter, making homes for birds and mice I guess.

  4. I know that hurricanes are bad things, but this photo is great.

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