Nov 262017

I think we all need a bucket list

Haven’t Done Yet:

1. Go On A Cruise: Mexico
2. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
3. Go to a comedy club: New York
4. Spend 7 days at the beach my family spent Christmas vacations when I was a kid
5. Decorate yard for a holiday
6. Join a book club: Monthly Book Club
7. Go to Key West
8. Spend at least a week in Ohio when there’s snow
9. Leave books I own in public places for someone else to find and read
10. Go camping
11. Buy a new bike
12. Ride my bike on 5 new to me trails
13. Visit 5 new to me towns



Try New Restaurants
1. Zephyrhills Brewing Company/Lolis Mexican Cravings
2. Mesa 21
3. Del Carmen Mexican Restaurant & Store
4. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

2. Random Acts Of Kindness
Paid for someone’s dryer when electric was out during Hurricane Erma
Let people behind me with a few items go first if I have a bunch of items

3. Learn To Use Chopsticks
At the Thai restaurant

4. Send Postcards via Postcrossing

5. Go To A Comedy Club
When I was in NYC

6. See a Broadway Show in NYC


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  10 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Good luck! I like challenge with new restaurants and Sugarsand Festival sounds interesting.

  2. Great challenge ideas! I hope your weekend has been wonderful, Vicki.

  3. What a cool idea, a 2018 bucket list! I need to think about what I would put on mine.

  4. This is a great list. I like that you call it a Bucket List

  5. Post Secret is terrific!
    (I came here via Skywatch and are happy I found your website)

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