Nov 262017

I think we all need a yearly bucket list
Gives us something to look forward to

All Year:
Use My Reusable Grocery Bags

These Three Have Specific Months:
April 13-22: Go to the Sugarsand Festival
October: Carve A Pumpkin (it’s been many many years)
December: Make A Homemade Gift

Random List For The Rest Of The Year:
Make a Traditional Dish From Ireland
Do A Few Random Acts Of Kindness
Plant a Tree
Try At Least 4 New Restaurants
Go Kayaking (the only BL thing I didn’t do in 2017)
Get In The Car And Start Driving-No Destination In Mind
Go Camping
Join The Red Hat Society
Book Signing
Go on a girls weekend
Go to Disney World

  8 Responses to “Challenging Myself: 2018 Bucket List Challenge”

  1. Good luck! I like challenge with new restaurants and Sugarsand Festival sounds interesting.

  2. Great challenge ideas! I hope your weekend has been wonderful, Vicki.

  3. What a cool idea, a 2018 bucket list! I need to think about what I would put on mine.

  4. This is a great list. I like that you call it a Bucket List

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