Nov 252017

This is what I saw when I looked over at my grandson Harley.
I’ve never seen anyone eat an ice cream cone with a spoon, the kid is unique!

Saturday Snapshot

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  16 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot: My Grandson Harley”

  1. How delightful! Thanks for sharing…and how great to enjoy special moments with our grandchildren. Here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. I had my granddaughter over all day yesterday, we kicked a soccer ball and played with plastic farm animals. Harley looks like he’s enjoying that cone!

  3. Great photo of your grandson! Looks like he’s enjoying his ice cream in his own unique (and tidy!) way.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a trip to Texas.

  4. Just another way of enjoying what he likes. Cute photo of your grandson Vicki.

  5. And he is enjoying them ! The most important thing.

  6. grandchildren are unique of course, yours are special 🙂

  7. Oh that’s too funny! I love the look of focus on his face!

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