Sep 282017

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I work in the dietary department of a Health & Rehab center, and I love it! My favorite thing is all the exercise I get. It’s very fast paced. I get a  lot of steps and my arms get a great workout.

I like getting to know the residents. They are very diverse and most are friendly and some are very funny.

I also like my boss and co-workers. They are all easy going and fun to be around. And whoever is the cook that day is allowed to play music, and most of the time it’s loud. Music is healing and will always put me in a better mood.


  16 Responses to “My Favorite… Thing About My Job”

  1. Sounds like you really enjoy your job. That’s awesome!

  2. It’s good thing when you like your job. I like my job too 🙂

  3. The best thing in the world is to have a job you love. I worked the last 5 years of my nursing career in a long-term care facility. Wish I had worked my entire career there. So satisfying!

  4. I get exercise when I work too. I bet you’re a blessing to the residents.

  5. Vicki, it sounds like your job suits you in many ways. That’s so good!

  6. If you like your job that is a true blessing. I hear so many people say they hate going to work, that’s a shame. Sounds like you are in a positive environment and helping people.

    • It is a blessing Tina! I don’t have to talk myself into going every day. And the weird thing is I’ve always been a night owl. Most of my jobs were 2nd or 3rd shift. Now I have to get up around 5:00 every morning and I’m fine with it.

  7. Sounds like you have a very awesome job. I’m glad to read you love it 😉
    My Favorite Thing About My Job is definitely the way I, as a nurse, can make someone’s day a little better. Even if it’s just for a moment.
    Thanks for stopping by and signing up!

  8. Sounds like a great place to work!

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