Sep 032017

Sunday Reflections


It’s 77° and the expected high is 86° and of course it’s supposed to rain later

I have a lot of things to do here because the house in town is almost done

That we’ll be moving soon

Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

Listening To…
Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

Movies & Documentaries on Netflix

To find the right Church (for me) soon after we move

Sometimes people are not who you think they are

Trying to figure out a new workout plan for this month

In The Kitchen…
Taco Salad

Today’s To-Do List…
I have to work later today

One of my favorite things:
Finding new quirky towns or restaurants

A website I’d like to share:

Looking forward to…
Having a day off Wednesday

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.
Isaiah 48:17

A favorite quote…
From Oh Brother, Where Art Thou:
Say, any of you boys smithies? Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin’?
Ulysses Everett McGill

From the camera….

  16 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 9/3/17”

  1. It’s so exciting that your house is almost done! Moving is a lot of work but it’s so fun too!

    • Yes, it is SO much work. We somehow managed to fill this 2300+ sq. ft. place, and now going to a little over 800 sq. ft. is going to be hard, but so worth it. I’m tired of having so much stuff and can’t wait to downsize. And a much smaller place to keep clean.

  2. Amazing picture. I’m happy that your house is almost done!

  3. best of luck with your new home.

  4. Moving day will be soon! I love that movie Brother Where Art Thou!

  5. Oh Vicki, I love that movie O’ Brother Where Art Thou. Coen Brothers movies are a treat.
    Thanks for sharing that website Postcrossing, I will check it out. Sounds fun.

  6. Great reflections! It is always a good thing to pause and consider what lies ahead. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Moving is a lot of work, but so exciting, too. Glad your new house is almost done!

  8. Beautiful sunset picture. I hope you find a good church. I am still looking! I want one that doesn’t talk about money all the time!! Can’t wait to hear about the new house!

    • I want to find a church where I feel comfortable, doesn’t have cliques, and focuses on teaching the whole Bible as it’s written, not just bits and pieces.

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