Aug 312017

Three Things Thursday


Thing One

I’ve been reading different blog posts about bullet journals, and have been thinking about getting one. When I went online to check them out, I found these two and had to have both of them. The “Be Still And Know That I Am God” will be daily Bible Verses and Christian thoughts.

The “Footprints In The Sand” will be for posting something good that happened to me that day and miscellaneous positive thoughts.


Thing Two

My daughter Kilah and I went to town the other day to do some shopping and we stopped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch. They have the best steaks, almost melt in your mouth. Seriously good. This hung on the wall above our booth.


Thing Three

After lunch we stopped at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and I saw this wall plaque and it made me smile, and then brought a tear to my eye. I can remember my dad singing “You Are My Sunshine” to my mom from as far back as I can remember, (no, she didn’t leave him for someone else 🙂 and he was always leaving her love notes around the house for her to find. I knew when I saw the sign I was taking it home with me. There was only one sign, but if there had been more I might have bought them all to hang here and there throughout the house.

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  10 Responses to “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Vicki, your lovely post today made me smile. As you know, I was away for a while, and am slowly catching up.

  2. What a wonderful post. I hope you love Bullet Journaling as much as I have loving it. Today I put this quote into my journal: “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday” I know you will like it! I feel my Richard walking beside me today. And today I need him so much!! My daughter in law (ex) used to sing You Are My Sunshine to my granddaughter Paige. It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. Beautiful post!

  3. I loved this post. The verse “Be still and know that I am God” has been following me around since I got the cataract diagnosis, but even more so over the last week as we’ve dealt with Hurricane Harvey and his very floody after math. Everywhere I turn, there is that verse, reminding me that He has this. There’s no need to worry. He has it all under control.

    Thank you for such a great post. I think it is wonderful that your daddy called your mama his “sunshine”. How very sweet. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

  4. I admire those who journal. Other than tracking my books, I’ve never been one to try that.

  5. My daughter is my sunshine….

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