Aug 092017

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I saw these two words @ Socrates Book Reviews

lothario was found on this post

Garrett hasn’t fared poorly either, transforming from teen heartbreaker to adult lothario.

Definition of lothario:
plural lotharios
: a man whose chief interest is seducing women


Khunying   was found on this post

Almost unrecognizable as a wealthy khunying from Bangkok, she wore a polyester blouse and baggy pants, cheap rubber flip-flops, and carried an eight ball of cocaine in her handbag.

I couldn’t find a definite meaning for this word, but it seems to be having to do with royalty, fashion style, hairdo, or charitable work.

  8 Responses to “Wondrous Words Wednesday”

  1. I knew the first word!

  2. I was familiar with lothario but khunying is new to me. It looks like you did some great detective work to figure it out.

  3. Ai knew the first one also but not the second one.

  4. I know lothario but not Khunying. From the context of the sentence I’m going to guess a low-life druggy?

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