Jul 252017


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prayer & meditation
deep breathing
80 oz. water

Tai Chi
Squats, Lunges, Push Ups, Wall Sit
Building Strength with Susan
Moving With Susan

Tuesday~ 7/18: 10,625
Wednesday~ 7/19: 10,477
Thursday ~ 7/20: 8,210
Friday ~ 7/21: 7,788
Saturday ~ 7/22: 7,818
Sunday ~ 7/23: 7,764
Monday ~ 7/24:8,001

Last Week’s Food
Chicken, Coleslaw, Potatoes
Fish, Coleslaw, Brussels Sprouts
Ham Sandwiches with Colby Cheese & Tomatoes
Leftover Pizza

  6 Responses to “Readers’ Workouts: 7/25/17”

  1. Keep up the good work with all those steps!

    • I’d really like to get more, but when I get home from work I’m tired and have housework/laundry to do and of course there’s books and tv. Just excuses, I know.

  2. Vicki, I agree with Kathy–you are getting in a lot of steps!

  3. I cannot meditate for the life of me but I do study my Bible every morning which to me is sort of like meditation.

    I’m lazy when it comes to fitness. I would dance my tush off if I found a great adult dance class but I haven’t found the right one yet.

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