Jul 232017

Sunday Stealing

Bedroom: what’s your sleep schedule?
I usually go to bed around 11:00 pm and get up at 5 or 5:30 am

Kitchen: favorite comfort food?
chicken & dumplings

Washroom: showers or baths? bubbles? bath bombs?

Closet: sum up your style in a few words.
I love a big walk in

Parlor: favorite party or board game?
I love so many, but I think my favorite is Charades

Living room: what do you like to do with your family?
Play card/board games and watch movies

Dining room: favorite special occasion food?
A huge turkey

Garden: favorite tree? flower?
Tree: Palm Tree, Flower: Shooting Star

Attic: what’s one thing you have a sentimental attachment to and you will never throw away?
My dog Patches’s ashes and favorite ball

Library: favorite book genre?
Women’s fiction, True Crime

Office: if you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Crime Scene Investigation

Guest room: have you been to a sleepover? if so, when was your first? do you like them?
I used to love slumber parties and sleepovers. I think the first one was in 4th grade

Foyer: do you like small gatherings, large parties, or one-on-one meetings?
all of the above

Pantry: favorite meal to make?
Taco Salad, sooo goood

Laundry: favorite and least favorite chore?
Favorite: unloading/loading dishwasher, Least favorite: vaccuuming & mopping

Garage: favorite mode of transportation? favorite car?
flying, my 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage

Panic room: what was the most nerve-wracking experience you’ve had?
When my son Anthony was sick and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. That went on for 2 years

Powder room: do you wear makeup? if so, what one item can’t you live without? what’s your favorite look?
I used to never open the front door without makeup on, but when I met my husband he didn’t like me wearing it so I stopped

  17 Responses to “Sunday Stealing: Around The House”

  1. I can’t imagine what you went through when your son was sick.

    I do wear makeup but I’m not very good at applying it. When you think about it, makeup is rather silly.

    • It was horrible Kathy. Not knowing was so much worse.

      I love the line from a Barbra Streisand, I think it was The Mirror Has Two Faces, about why should she wear makeup, it’s still her, only in color.

  2. I like your sentimental thing!

  3. We have similar sleeping schedules. I hope you have a great week!

  4. Crime Scene Investigation … yessss! (Except I nearly flunked science. Stupid details!)

    Loved your sentimental thing. My Caraleigh’s remains sit on my bedside table with a stuffed polar bear-cub’s ‘arms’ about it.

  5. I’m going on a girlfriend weekend/sleepover next weekend!

  6. Happy Sunday, Vicki! I enjoyed reading your answers. I would love love love a big, walk-in closet, but I don’t know if I could handle crime scene investigations. Have a terrific week ahead!

  7. I have two big closets in my bedroom and a big walk-in in my master bath.

  8. Enjoyed your answers. I am finding the makeup answers to be very interesting.

  9. I can’t recall the last time I had chicken and dumplings, which means it’s been too long. 😉

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