Jul 092017

Sunday Reflections

Sunny, 85° , and the birds are singing

I need to either wash my car or take it to get detailed in and out

That Jaspurr is back to her happy, mischievous self

The New Old Me by Meredith Maran, still

Listening To…
And We’re Off by Dana Schwartz & narrated by Lauren Fortgang

Downward Dog – I’m binge watching the first season & I love it! I’m sad that ABC cancelled it after the first season. I’m hoping another network picks it up

Starting a Clean Eating 2 week plan, as soon as I feel like going grocery shopping. I probably won’t stick to it 100% but it’ll be close

In The Kitchen…

Today’s To-Do List…
Rest, watch some movies, listen to my audiobook or read

One of my favorite things:
My little car which I love love love

A website I’d like to share:
Cozi Family Organizer, been using it for about 2 years and love it! I use the iPhone app

Pin It & Do It…
“Happy Home” Wood Panel, since we’re downsizing by 1/3

A Favorite Bible Verse…
The Godly Will Rejoice In The Lord And Find Shelter In Him
And Those Who Do What Is Right Will Praise Him
Psalms 64:10

A favorite quote…
“If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy.”

From the camera….

  10 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 7/8/2107”

  1. My to-do list for today is very similar to yours – rest, watch TV/movies, and read. I hope you are relaxing today.

  2. Happy Sunday, Vicki! I’m glad Jaspurr is back to normal again. I’d like to watch Downward Dog! I saw a clip and it is funny. Have a relaxing rest of the day.

  3. HOpe it was a relaxing Sunday. I looked into Cozi at one time, but wondered if I’d ever use it. I like the sound of that 2-week eating plan.

    • Sunday was very relaxing. I use Cozi for all my lists especially for groceries. And for events and reminders, it sends me reminders to my iPhone.

  4. I haven’t seen Downward Dog but it looks really cute. I hate when shows I’m really enjoying get cancelled yet so many that seem so awful seem to stay on forever. I have a whole list that I want to be picked up! Have you watched Life in Pieces? It’s on CBS I think and it’s really cute. The show is told in 3 different sections so it takes a time or two to get used to but we are anxiously awaiting season 2 to come on Netflix! Enjoy your relaxing and good luck with your downsizing!

    • I agree, so many terrible shows go on forever, but some of the best ones get cancelled. Makes no sense to me other than a lot of people have really bad taste in tv lol!

      Downsizing is a pain, trying to decide what to keep and what to pitch. But I’ll be so much happier when it’s done and we’re moved. We’ll be 5 minutes from stores and restaurants instead of 30-45.

  5. I haven’t seen downward dog either. We have to wait in thlibrary to get DVDs. Glad Jaspurr is doing well.
    Oh, downsizing can be a pain but I sometimes play a game called Let’s Pretend we’re Moving just to get rid of excess!

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