Jul 022017

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Looking out my window… the sun is shining but it looks like it might rain

I am thinking… that we might go out to eat today

I am thankful… that my kitty Jaspurr is feeling much better after being spayed and has started eating more

One of my favorite things… yogurt, I love it!

I am wearing… black capris & a black top with stars on it

I am reading… The Old New Me by Meredith Maran

I am listening to… I finished Beartown by Fredrik Backman yesterday and am starting And We’re Off by Dana Schwartz today

I am hoping… it stops raining for a few days so I can go to the beach

I am learning… that I have more patience now than I did when I was younger

In my kitchen… not sure today, we may eat out

Board room… how to make a headboard out of storage crates

Post Script… BeJane

Shared Quote… “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not”
– Unknown

A moment from my day…


Closing Notes…  I still haven’t re-watched Dirty Dancing, but I’m glad I still have it dvr’d because it’s the move for July @ Food ‘n Flix

  3 Responses to “The Simple Women’s Daybook”

  1. Happy Sunday, Vicki! Thank goodness that Jaspurr’s feeling much better. Enjoy your reading/listening.

  2. Thanks Zippi! Jaspurr is back to her old self. It took 7 days. I had called the vet the second day and they said she might just be still groggy from the medicine they gave her and to just keep an eye on her. I did, and she slowly came out of it. Now she’s eating more than she ever did, and getting into everything, and I’m so glad.

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