Jun 222017

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I thought I’d join Rebecca Jo today & post a few things I’m thankful for

Beautiful Skies


When Kaiyo & Jaspurr cuddle (Boots doesn’t like to cuddle)


This bread I found that only has 9g carbs!!!

(especially Playster, I’m loving it)

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  10 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. What a beautiful picture of the sky….oh, those adorable cuddlers! Great find on the bread.

    • Thanks Yvonne, the sky photo was taken where I work the other morning. I like it when Jaspurr and Kaiyo cuddle together, but I like it more when they cuddle with me 🙂

      I don’t eat sandwiches very often, but I do use the bread for toast.

  2. I can gaze at a beautiful sky for a long time.

  3. The photo is lovely. I’m a fan of daybreak and sunset pics.

    • I am too Mary, but it’s hard for me to get sunrise photos since the time changed. I’m usually in the shower when it’s happening.

  4. I love cuddly fur babies.

    OHHH – I’m going to have to check out that bread. Does it taste ok? Not TOOO cardboardy? 😉

    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  5. I love audio books too. I listen to them at work when I can. I’m currently listening to book 2 of the Walking Angels series by Karen Kingsbury.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend.

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