May 262017

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1. My idea of roughing it is having no electricity. I’m addicted to having a ceiling fan or other fan on, as well as the tv. I can be sound asleep and if the electricity goes out I immediately wake up. Plus, I don’t like not being able to get on my laptop.

2. I never get sick of talking about my cats and dog. They are a big part of my life and keep me entertained every day.

3. My youth was amazing! I had the best parents, and they always made sure I was having fun. Roller skating, ice skating, camping, swimming, Girl Scouts, going to the movie theater, concerts, musicals. We also had a camper that we used in the summer on weekends, and we lived at a lake so I could fish off our dock or go out in the boat. I had older sisters who were married with children, so family get together’s were always fun. I miss those days.

4. My “golden years” are creeping up way faster than I want them too. But I am looking forward to them.


Friday 5

What’s the most important single ingredient in trail mix?
The dried fruit because it adds so much flavor

What’s the most important single topping in a taco?
Tomatoes, I love tomatoes

What’s the coolest instrument in an orchestra?
Clarinet, my oldest granddaughter plays the clarinet 🙂

What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?
I can’t pick just one. I love Meerkats, Koala Bears, and Giraffes

Which are the best pieces in a sampler box of chocolates?
The chocolates that have caramel in them are my favorite

  26 Responses to “Friendly Fill-Ins & Friday 5”

  1. I learn so much about you by reading your answers to Fill-Ins!

  2. Time really flies as you get older, doesn’t it? I love cheese and olives on my tacos!

  3. Great answers. You were blessed to have had a great childhood. It certainly sounds like it was! I can identify with cats and dogs; I would be lost without mine. HUGS!

  4. Fun fill-ins! I enjoy reading your answers. Cats and dogs are the best! Have a great weekend, Vicki!

  5. I wake up when the power goes out, too. When the air conditioner goes off, it is like all of the air has been sucked out of my lungs.

    What a wonderful childhood that must have been for you. You are so blessed!

    Trail Mix….the nuts, but I love the rest of it, too.

    Taco….the salsa!

    Coolest instrument…the tuba and the saxophone! I’ve always wanted to play the saxophone and David played the tuba in our high school band.

    Favorite zoo animal…the Oliphant! “Oliphant” is one of the surnames in my family tree. It means “elephant”. Since I found out about that family surname, the elephants have been my favorite zoo animal.

    Box of chocolates…Pretty much all of them are my favorite, but I really like the kind with the orange stuff in the center. Unfortunately, I am allergic to oranges.

    • PS Have a blessed weekend!

    • I love salsa and always get extra on my taco salad. I love elephants too. I like all the chocolates except for the ones with coconut. I hope you have a Blessed weekend too!

      • Thanks. 🙂
        I even like those with coconut. 🙂
        Do you like mild, medium, or hot salsa? I sometimes have hot, but mostly I use medium.
        Elephants are so beautiful. The ones I see at the zoo always look so sad. I can imagine that they’d rather be elsewhere, anywhere but caged up.
        I hope your weekend has been great so far. 🙂

        • I buy hot for me, but buy mild or medium for my son because he doesn’t like anything too spicy.

          It makes me so sad to see elephants in zoo’s when they just stand there swaying back and forth. I think they should be in a much larger area where they will have room to roam around.

          I had to work 4 hours today and work 8 tomorrow, but I have Monday off. I plan on spending it with my kids and grandkids. I hope your weekend is spent doing the things you love.

  6. Great fill ins! I just came back from vacation so I didn’t have a chance to do them today. I’ll be back next week though.

  7. It is odd how we take electricity and internet for granted until they are not there. Have a good weekend.

  8. Yes, and I can add water to my list. I hate not having water. When I move, I’ll have city water and won’t have to depend on a well water pump.

  9. Your youth sounds magical ☺ I love the 5 Friday. That is new to me as is the Friendly Fill-Ins.

  10. I always talk about my cats too ! Especially Arthur the white one he makes us laugh so much because he is so clumsy ! Electricity is very important indeed, I could live without cooking but not without computer !!

  11. I used to love to cook but now I don’t. Having to go without a computer not good!

  12. Thanks for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. It is nice to read of someone that enjoyed their childhood and has good memories, so many are not so lucky.

  13. I have to sleep with a fan on too!! Not because of temp but just for the sound. In the winter I have to turn it away from me but it’s still on.

    I love what you said about your childhood. Great childhood memories. I had very different memories which would probably make good reading someday.

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