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1. Share a favorite memory of your mother or share a favorite something from your own life as a mother.
My mom was an awesome mom so I have many favorite memories of her. I can’t share just one. One of my favorite memories is that she took me and my brother to all kinds of concerts, musicals, and movies. She also took us to the pool most every day in the summer. She loved the rides at the theme parks as much as my brother and I did. She would give me money and let me go to the mall on Saturdays with my two bff’s. One of our parents would drop us off and then pick us up when the mall was closing. Back then we didn’t have to worry about getting kidnapped. We didn’t lock our doors or worry about being out after dark. I know that’s more than one memory, but it’s hard to pick just one.

2. In May we celebrate teachers (May 9) and nurses (May 6) both. Most every family has at least one in their midst, so tell us something (or a few things) you appreciate about the teacher or nurse on your family tree.
I can’t think of anyone who is a teacher or nurse. There probably is someone, but my mind is blank at the moment.

3. Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad…which would you go for if all three were on the menu? On bread or a bed of lettuce? If you answered bread, what kind of bread would make it the perfect sandwich?
I love all three, but I’d probably go for the chicken salad, on Ezekiel Sprouted Bread

4. Do you have a desk? Is it organized? If so, share your secret to keeping it that way. If you don’t have a desk, where in your home do you take care of family paperwork and business? Where do you normally sit to blog?
Until I got a laptop I had a computer desk and that was where I wrote bills etc. Now that I have a laptop, I work at the dining room table because we only eat there when we have company. That’s where I blog and take care of paperwork/bills. It’s pretty organized. I do keep my Bible on the table near me because I use my laptop to keep track of my daily Bible readings, a few books, a cd player to play audio cd’s, my iPhone, water and a table top fan because I can’t stand quiet. I turn it on when I’m not listening to an audiobook, tv, or music.

5. When I was nine years old….
I was a Girl Scout and loved every minute of it. We did so many activities and I loved earning badges. My favorite part was the camping. I loved going camping. I also loved that my mom was the Girl Scout Leader. She was the best mom, and I loved spending time with her.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
I don’t know what the heck is the matter with some teens. I just read about a 68 yr. old woman who went to the pool area of her neighborhood to ask some teens to turn down their music. They were having a pool party that hadn’t been approved by the association. A 16 yr. old boy picked her up and they fell on the concrete, hurting her leg and arm. Then he picked her up again and threw her into the pool. Why? For calmly asking them to turn the music down? She also had two small dogs on leashes but thankfully she let them go before he threw her into the pool. Someone had a video of the whole thing and when they posted it he figured he better turn himself in before the police came knocking, so he did.

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  1. It sounds like you had an fabulous mom! My mom was a nurse. She’s 90 years old and she’s still a workhorse.

    I wonder about people these days too. Where has common decency gone?

  2. I saw that video you mentioned and it was awful to watch. Seems like kids these days have no respect for anyone. Sad state of affairs, if you ask me.

  3. There’s definitely something missing in the world today. That story turns my stomach. My mom was the girl scout leader for a while. I especially loved when she was room mom for my class. She alternated between my sister’s grade and mine, so it was only every other year but I loved having her there.

  4. The story about the woman and the teenagers just hurts my heart. It doesn’t feel like a good sign for the future. That’s awesome about your mom. She sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Your final thought makes me so mad. And so sad! I do not understand what it is about the kids! Your mom sounded awesome. You are very lucky. I am a nurse!! I was also a Girl Scout. It taught me so much!!

  6. Vicki, I enjoyed hearing about your mother in this pre-Mother’s Day post. Have a great week, Vicki!

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