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Life After Life by Katie Ganshert

She felt beckoned. Impossible enticed. Like an alcoholic staring down a snifter filled with the finest cognac. She nodded slightly and walked through the gate.

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Question: Do you re-arrange and move books around on the shelves or move books off of your bookshelves to another area after a certain amount of time or do you just leave them the way they are?

I don’t move my books around on the shelves, but I have moved all my bookshelves into three different rooms in my house. I’ll be moving soon to a much smaller house so I need to keep only the ones that I really want to keep. When I move there won’t be enough rooms to move the shelves from one room to the next.

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1. I no longer use a landline.

2. My most treasured piece of jewelry is my mother’s ring my kids bought me.

3. This year, I have learned that I am a cat person. Our rescue kitty Jaspurr won’t let me not be 🙂

4. I would like to get moved before this year is over.

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  1. Weeding through books is so hard but I typically discover books I had forgotten I had which is always fun. I’m curious about Life After Life. I love the cover and the teaser has me wanting to know more.

  2. I don’t rearrange books either. I did one big purge several years ago. We still have a landline.

  3. I’m moving soon too. I’m having some shelves built and taking some with me but I really don’t know if I’ll have to downsize my book collection until I start unpacking the boxes. I hope not. I still have a landline because I only use my not-so-smart phone for texting and emergencies. I am reading Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beatty this week. Happy reading!

  4. Thank you for participating, great answers. I especially like the answer that you are now a cat person 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. I do love the chance to explore the books on my shelves, so when I did my three or four major purges a couple of years ago, I found some treasures. Books I couldn’t part with. But it was also a pleasure to get my shelves in order.

    Life After looks like a tempting read. Enjoy! Here’s mine: “A MOTHER’S CONFESSION”

  6. I have such a hard time getting rid of books and they are all over the house. The shelves are full and the books are being stacked on the floor now. How many shelves do I have…7+ in 3 rooms. I am reorganizing…always. LOL

  7. The last time I did a big book purge I thought it would be hard, but I started to think about how long it had been since I had read some of those books, and how much joy other people would get from them. I ended up bringing 5 giant boxes to one of the local charity shops. It was pretty freeing.

  8. I think I have surrendered to the fact that I am a pet person – cats, dogs – they all just seem to find me, and then take over the house. No need to fight it, it is futile anyway, lol. I love your answers, your kids sound so sweet.

    Hope you get moved like you are planning on doing.



  9. Good description of temptation in the 56 excerpt. Sounds like a story I’d enjoy.
    My Friday post features The River of Corn.

  10. Vicki, I enjoyed your Friday post. We still have a landline. You are also a dog person! You can be both. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Sounds like a great read! Happy weekend!

  12. My shelves get moved when the bottom two are filled. I explain in my post.

    Nice answers to the Friendly Fill-Ins.

    Have a great weekend, and I hope you get to make the move you want.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  13. I used to move my books everywhere’s in my apt until I got bookshelf’s and my mom’s help in organizing my books. Happy Blog Hopping and have a great weekend. Here is my blog hop answer:

  14. I had to cut some of my books when I moved from UK to Australia, so I feel for you.

  15. How nice that you have a mother’s ring. I think those are awesome.

    We don’t rearrange our books as a matter of, “Hey, let’s rearrange the books!”. Our book collection is dynamic and used. The books are rarely in the same place twice and they are everywhere. There is not one single room in this house without a stack of books in it. We even have a bin on the front porch where we put books when we’re done with them and don’t plan to read them again. Our neighbors know they can come get them anytime they want to. It is kind of like the Little Free Library program, only they don’t have to leave one when they take one (or more).

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

  16. There are so many books around here waiting to be read it would take us years to rearrange them. This is not something we need or want to do.

  17. Interesting 56! I think I’m the only one who still has a landline. LOL

  18. Downsizing will be hard. I don’t envy you that. When we moved, I got rid of over 500 books and still ended up bringing more than I should have with me. Although for me, I have more space now for books than I did then. I am trying to keep it down though. E-readers help with that. LOL

    I came into realizing I was a cat person later in my life too. 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  19. We live in a city apartment that is pretty small, so ebooks are my friends, ha ha. I only buy books in hardcover that I love and adore and envision sharing with grandchildren someday. That cuts way down in shelving space. 🙂

  20. I love that name: Jaspurr. I had a Purrl for almost 18 years. Cats have a way of taking control of your heart. Hugs.
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

  21. Love that cover!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  22. Good luck with the move. It’s always hard to pick which books to keep!

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