Apr 042017

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Goals for April:
daily: deep breathing, prayer, stretching, 80 oz. water
Tai Chi/ Qi Gong once a week each
strength training 4 times a week

I recently found a great site, Do Yoga With Me, that has free videos for yoga, meditation, deep breathing, stretching/flexibility etc., and decided to do a few of the courses this month.

Tuesday~ 3/28: rest day
Wednesday~ 3/29: 8,894 steps
Thursday ~ 3/30: rest day
Friday ~ 3/31: 8,262 steps
Saturday ~ 4/1: 7,571 steps
Sunday ~ 4/2: 5,382 steps
Monday ~ 4/3: rest day

Cardio/Strength Training: 
Tuesday~ 3/28: rest day
Wednesday~ 3/29: 60 minutes
Thursday ~ 3/30: rest day
Friday ~ 3/31: 90 minutes
Saturday ~ 4/1: 90 minutes
Sunday ~ 4/2: 120 minutes
Monday ~ 4/3: rest day

On The Menu
Tuesday: Chicken and veggies
Wednesday: Chorizo Sausage with Cabbage, Onions, and Peppers
Thursday: Baked Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Chops
Friday: Enchiladas
Saturday: ?
Sunday: ?
Monday: Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

  5 Responses to “Readers’ Workouts: 4/4/17”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed by all the cardio, etc. Hawaiian grilled cheese sounds delicious!

  2. Hawaiian grilled cheese sounds really good. I’ll have to check out that yoga site. I might like something like that.

  3. Cool that you found a good site to help with the stretching. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

  4. Great job, Vicki! I try to do some stretching every day, but probably should do more. The Hawaiian grilled cheese looks so yummy (and I learned April’s National Grilled Cheese Month)!

  5. Great week, i hope to join you for the workout online next week. Yummy Hawaiian grilled cheese is calling my name!

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