Feb 212017


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My right hip has been hurting really bad. It does hurt from time to time and I guess I need to figure out why.

Goals For February:
Do every day
Pray/Meditate: ✓
Deep breathing: ✓
Stretching: ✓
80 oz. water: ✓

Strength train 20 times: 18
Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong 6 times: 0 wish I could blame it on my hip but I can’t, can I?
Try something new: 0

My steps from last week
Tuesday~ 2/14: didn’t track
Wednesday~ 2/15: 10,426 steps
Thursday ~ 2/16: 7,199 steps
Friday ~ 2/17: didn’t track
Saturday ~ 2/18: 10,341 steps
Sunday ~ 2/19: didn’t track
Monday ~ 2/20: 7,930

On The Menu
Tuesday: Roasted Garlic & Herb Pork Sirloin, mashed potatoes & corn
Wednesday: BLT’s
Thursday: Chicken Corn Chowder
Friday: Steak, sweet potatoes, okra
Saturday:  Lettuce wrapped hamburgers, tomato, pickles, muenser cheese
Sunday: Eating at a local family owned restaurant
Monday: Corned beef & cabbage

  4 Responses to “Readers’ Workouts: 2/21/17”

  1. Vicki, I am sorry to hear about your hip problem. Maybe some gentle stretches might help.

    You had a good week of fitness, and inspire me to get moving, too. Your menus sound wonderful, too (although I don’t eat pork).

    Wishing you and Kaiyo a great week ahead!

  2. Hope your hip feels better soon. I’ve used a foam roller for that (bought it at Target). It helped.

  3. Sorry to hear about your hip. I hope you get it figured out.

  4. I’m pretty sure my hip problems are arthritis. I’ve had good luck keeping it under control by stretching my hamstrings. I hope you get quick improvement — hip pain impacts a whole lot of movements.

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