Wednesday Hodgepodge

Feb 012017
Hosted @ From This Side Of The Pond


1. Can you believe it’s the end of January? What was the best day of January 2017 for you, and why?
January 13th, because that’s the birthday of my oldest son, Jeremy. And also, it’s the day that I rescued my doggy Kaiyo.

2. What sounds make up the background noise in your life?
A fan and the tv or audio book. At work it’s music, mostly Christian music.

3. I read on the Power of Positivity website a list of ten things to drop from your life right now. They are-

anger outbursts, people who put you down, regret, negative self talk, being a people pleaser, the notion you need to be perfect, the past (but keep the lessons learned!), gossip and judgment, comparing yourself to others, and the word hate (focus on what you love instead)

Which thing on the list do you most need to drop? Are you trying or will you try?
I’m a people pleaser, it’s hard for me to say no to anyone who needs/wants my help. And yes, I’m trying not to be.

4. What is sacred to you?
Anything relating to my religion. If I had to name a few things not relating to religion, I’d say my family and pets, the beach, nature.

5. January is National Oatmeal month. Are you a fan, and if so how do you like it?
I like steel cut oats with cinnamon, wheat germ, flax seed, nuts, sunflower seeds and fruit.

6. What feelings does twilight stir up in you?7

7. Something you’re looking forward to next month?
Going to see Wicked on February 11th with my daughter in law Susie.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Have you ever been so tired that something just didn’t click in your head? I can’t remember ever doing that before, but it sure did yesterday. It took 5 emails about something before my brain finally said “oh my goodness, really? Duh!”

  4 Responses to “Wednesday Hodgepodge”

  1. I think my brain has been like that a lot the last few years. Just slow!! Hope the rest of your week is great!

  2. It is hard to stop being a people pleaser! Your oatmeal sounds yummy. Enjoy Wicked!

  3. Wonderful hodgepodge, Vicki! January 13 is a doubly special day. I didn’t know January was National Oatmeal Month. I often have oatmeal for breakfast, and for the past several months, have been making Overnight Oats.

    Have a terrific Wednesday! 🙂

  4. Oooh, Wicked is one of my favorites! Enjoy the show! And yes, I’ve definitely been that tired : ) You’re not alone!

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