Wednesday Hodgepodge

Jan 252017

1. “The cure for anything is salt water-tears, sweat, or the sea.” (Isak Dinesan) Would you agree? Of the three, which has ‘cured’ you most recently?
I totally agree, the sea is always a good choice!

2. What’s something you can’t eat without salt? Do you normally salt your food a lot, a little, or not at all? 
Potatoes, tomatoes, and avocado.  I love them, but they’re so much better with salt. And I eat a lot of tomatoes and avocado by themselves, so they need some salt. Other than that I don’t salt anything, and I haven’t used salt when cooking for years.

3. Sands of time, bury your head in the sand, built on sand, or draw a line in the sand…which sandy phrase could best be applied to something in your life right now?
Draw a line in the sand

4. A favorite book, movie, or song with an island setting or theme?
Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett

5. Yesterday-did you run your day or did it run you? How so?
I ran my day. I got a few things done that I’ve been putting off. It felt good to git er’ done.

6. You’re on an island holiday. Will I most likely find you parked in a beach chair, shopping in town, on the back of a jet ski, or snorkeling off the back of a catamaran?
In a beach chair, listening to, watching, and smelling the sea

7. What do you think we humans most take for granted?
Our loved ones

8. Insert your own random thought here.
My bedroom is next to the road. All night long cars speeding up and down the road would wake me up. And then the guy across the road thinks he has to rev his car up for a few minutes before peeling out of his driveway. Even with the fan on (I’ve slept with a fan on since I was about 6, quiet is so loud in my head it drives me nuts) I was still waking up. So a few weeks ago I was telling my son I was so aggrevated about being woke up so many times a night. He told me to get a sound machine. I did, and I love it! I usually listen to the rain or white noise and I’m sleeping so much better. Do you need noise when you sleep?

  10 Responses to “Wednesday Hodgepodge”

  1. I think I knew from the title of your blog that you’d enjoy sitting in a beach chair, admiring the view!

  2. I need stirring air when I sleep and maybe a bit of white noise. I really like to sleep with the air a little bit cold so I can cover up. I don’t like to sleep without covers. Glad your sound machine is helping you. We have friends who swear by theirs.

  3. My husband says I could sleep with a ten piece band playing next to my head : ) I have heard the sleep machines are great though. Hope you have a nice day!

  4. I’ve been meaning to try a sound machine to shut out my husband’s snoring! Have a great week!

  5. I could not live without my sound machine…I love it! I keep it on white noise at night and I sleep like a baby!

  6. Since I have high blood pressure, I try to avoid salt but I can’t eat grits without it. I’d be sitting in a beach chair right next to you.

  7. Between the oxygen machine and the humidifier I had a great deal of white noise. I am sure it helps.

  8. That is why I have slept with the TV on for years and years!

  9. I have to sleep with a fan on or I feel like I’m suffocating. We live on a busy road and sometimes the traffic noise can get kind of loud – especially when idiots go racing down or this one delightful jerk who has a horn that sounds like train whistle and blows it at 2am. We got an air purifier a few months ago because of allergies and I didn’t realize what a white noise it is. I never hear anything at night anymore! Glad your noise machine works for you!

  10. I got into the habit of sleeping with the fan on once our daughter hit adulthood and still lived at home. It helped drown out the noise she made during the night and helped both us and the dogs sleep through it. Now I can’t stand being without it. Even if it’s cold, I will just pile on the blankets.

    I love the name of your blog. I’d rather be at the beach on any given day.

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