Jan 172017


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I’m doing pretty good, but for some reason my weight keeps going up and down. I need to work on that.

Do everyday
Pray/Meditate: 16
Deep breathing: 16
Stretching: 16
80 oz. water: 16

At least 12 times this month
Strength train: 11
Tai-Chi/Qi-Gong: 3

During the year I want to
Try new things: Ø
Eat more meatless meals: 4
Lose 12 pounds: Ø

My steps from the last week
Tuesday~ 1/10: 6,968 steps
Wednesday~ 1/11: 7,808 steps
Thursday ~ 1/12: didn’t track
Friday ~ 1/13: 8,667 steps
Saturday ~ 1/14: 7,237 steps
Sunday ~ 1/15: 10,895 steps
Monday ~ 1/16: 13,584 steps

On The Menu
Baked Cod with Pineapple Avocado Salsa
Paula Deen’s Crock Pot Potato Soup (didn’t make last week)
Rotisserie Chicken, Sugar Snap Peas, Deviled Eggs
Ham, Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts
Hamburgers (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun)

  2 Responses to “Readers’ Workouts: 1/17/17”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about your weight – it will settle down. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great job, Vicki! I like the idea of wrapping a burger in lettuce instead of a bun. Yum–add some sauce and it would be delicious!

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