Dec 072016

Challenging Myself:
Read The Bible

2017 Bucket List

Pin It & Do It


Challenges I’m Doing:

Diverse Reads

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  4 Responses to “2017 Challenge List”

  1. You have quite a few categories to cover! So far I am only signed up for the British Book Challenge and I plan to sign up for GirlXOXO’s Monthly Motif challenge. I still need to do my post on that one.,

    • I was going to limit myself but I decided to do them. I was going to do the British Book Challenge & Monthly Motif but I decided not to do those, and a few others.

      • I totally get you on joining too many. I need to be realistic about how many books I can read this coming year. As I get older I realize I won’t ever get to ALL the books I want to read before I kick off, not that I’m ancient, mind you (I’m 60) , but there is only so much time for me to read during the week and my book stacks exceed that time limit!

  2. These sound like terrific challenges for 2017, Vicki. Best of luck reaching your reading goals in these challenges! 🙂

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