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I saw this @ Rambling With Roger and thought what the heck, I’ll do it too. It’s a bit long, but…

Fired a Gun – yes…shotgun, rifle and pistol
Been Married – yes
Fell in love – yes
Gone on a blind date – no
Skipped school – no
Watched someone give birth – yes, my daughter, twice
Watched someone die – yes, my husband
Been to Canada – no, but would like to
Ridden in an ambulance – no
Been to Hawaii – no
Been to Europe – no
Been to Las Vegas – no
Been to Washington D.C. – yes, and want to go back
Been to Nashville – yes
Visited Florida – I live in Florida
Visited Mexico – no
Seen Grand Canyon in person – no
Flown in a helicopter – yes
Partied so hard you puked – no
Been on a cruise – no
Served on a jury – no
Been in a movie – no
Danced in the rain – probably when I was a kid
Been to Los Angeles – yes
Been to New York City – yes LOVE NYC!
Played in a band – no
Sang karaoke – no
Made prank phone calls – yes, when I was a kid
Laughed so much you cried – yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue – yes
Had children – 3, two boys and a girl
Had a pet – dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, iguana, tree squirrel
Been sledding on big hill – yes
Been downhill skiing – no
Been water skiing – yes
Rode on a motorcycle – yes
Traveled to all 50 states- almost, but not some in the northwest
Jumped out of a plane – almost, but didn’t
Been to a drive-in movie – lots of times, I love going to the drive-in
Rode an elephant – no
Rode a Horse – sister had a white Palomino growing up but I never rode it
Been on TV – yes, our church choir was on tv on Sundays
Been in the newspaper – yes, with the school marching drill team I was in
Stayed in the Hospital – for the births of my children
Donated blood – no
Gotten a piercing – 3 in each ears
Gotten a tattoo – no
Driven a stick shift vehicle – yes
Driven over 100 mph – no
Been scuba diving – no
Lived on your own – no
Rode in the back of police car –  no
Got a speeding ticket – no
Broken a bone – yes
Gotten stitches – yes, when I cut my finger
Traveled Alone – no

Here’s another: Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer.
Name – Vicki
Animal – iguana
Girl’s name – alice
Color – Eminence, it’s a shade of purple which is my favorite color
Movie – RV, it’s hilarious
Something you wear – shorts
Drink – strawberry lemonade
Food – enchiladas
Item in the bathroom – shampoo
Place – Ohio, where I grew up
Reason to be late – overslept

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  8 Responses to “Q is for Quiz Thing: Lots & Lots Of Questions”

  1. Kids today don’t know the joys of making prank phone calls because of caller ID. I made more of them than I’d like to admit.

  2. Fun post, Vicki! I would have answered many of these in the same way. Kathy’s comment above is funny–and true for me as well! Have a terrific day! 🙂

  3. This was fun Vicki, I post my own version as a result.

    I laughed at prank phone calls – did that as a kid.

    Call to the butcher shop –“do you have pigs feet? “Yes”, well, wear shoes and no one will know…LOL

  4. My kids made prank phone calls, but to family and with caller id they were found out!
    Fun post.

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