Oct 162016

I was supposed to make these Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Eggo Waffle Sandwich last week, but didn’t get a round to it. So today, I decided to make it.  The ingredients cost less than $10.



I very very rarely eat pancakes or waffles, I’m talking beaucoup years in between. But when I saw this recipe on the internet, it was different enough to pique my interest.

My son thought they were good but needed a little extra flavor so he put strawberry jam on his. When I tasted mine I thought the same thing, so I added some to mine. Much better! I left the cheese off, and that may have made a difference, so I may make these again with a different variety of ingredients, like adding the cheese, or some syrup instead of jam.  I’ll also buy a different flavor of waffles. When I went to shop for the ingredients, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of them. The best thing about this sandwich was the bacon, of course!

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  8 Responses to “Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Eggo Waffle Sandwich”

  1. I love waffles and make them a lot, but never for a sandwich. Interesting idea.

  2. I like this idea for a breakfast sandwich! I don’t eat waffles often, but this looks good.

  3. Hi Vicki,

    I’m with you in the bacon being the best part of the sandwich, so long as it is nice and crispy of course.

    The waffles make the whole experience a good mix of sweet and savoury together, which I like, although I probably would have added red or brown sauce for added flavour, rather than jam.

    We went out for Sunday brunch last week and I had an amazing sandwich of eggy fried bread with banana filling, drizzled with honey. I have never tasted anything so lush before 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and have a good week.


  4. My husband makes a plain ol’ egg sandwich with waffles fairly often.

  5. This is certainly a different sort of sandwich! I have not had waffles in a long time.

    Trader Joe’s sells an incredible raspberry spread (no added sugar) which we use on French Toast (or actually, between two slices of French Toast). It is delectable!

  6. Sometimes the simplest sandwich fixes are the best. I’d eat it! Heck, I’d eat it right now, I am hungry and behind in my schedule for walking and getting moving.

    By the at, I got my first delivery of Hello Fresh and I am impressed!

  7. I hadn’t thought of using Eggo Waffles for an egg sandwich. There are always Eggo Waffles in our house because they are a quick and mostly healthy breakfast for the kids before school. I love having them to go with peanut butter or jelly. I’ll have to try them next time I make an egg sandwich though! Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  8. Your waffle sandwich looks tasty and I like the idea of the jam or syrup to contrast with all of the savory and give it a pop! Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week. 😉

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