Sep 292016


It would seem I’m on a Panini kick. Today I made a peanut butter and Nutella panini. I spread one slice of bread with  peanut butter, another with Nutella, and then put them together and placed on the panini press. Simple, but oh so delicious! The mix of peanut butter and the chocolate are amazing! And I loved the crunchiness of the bread.

  5 Responses to “Peanut Butter & Nutella Panini”

  1. VICKI !!!!!!!!!! I want to lick the screen this looks so good!!!

  2. Well I know what I’m having for lunch/dessert today! This looks AMAZING! Love the idea of the chocolate/peanut butter combo and my panini press has been seriously neglected.

  3. Such a wonderful idea! I will try this soon (although I may use melted chocolate squares instead of Nutella).

  4. This looks delicious!

  5. Hi Vicki,

    Now you are making me drool, despite the fact I am still recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning, which has laid me low for much of the week.

    There are quite a few spreads we can buy over here, which already have chocolate and peanut butter spreads, mixed together in the same jar.

    But for me, you can’t beat the taste of genine Nutella and ‘Sun Pat’ peanut butter – although it does have to be the crunchy variety with bits of nut, not the smooth one!

    I can see this being your latest favourite snack for some time to come 🙂


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