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My son Anthony brought this tiny kitty home because they found 4 of them abandoned where he works. The other three were taken home by his co-workers, so they all have homes. Although I didn’t want another animal, she has grown on me, especially since we have to bottle feed her. Isn’t she cute?

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  1. Cute is what they do best. I can never understand people who abandon them, good that there are people with warm hearts who take them in.

  2. Hi Vicki,

    I think it is a well documented fact that I am not a huge cat fan. In fact I suffer with ailurophobia, which is the persistent, irrational fear of cats.

    However, even my hardened heart, has to admit that she is kind of cute and should consider herself very lucky to have found a good home with you.

    I wonder how she is getting along with Kaiyo, or like any other siblings, do they tolerate each other, so long as there is no invasion of territory? I am assuming that ‘Kitty’ is now going to stick as her name.

    I must have missed out on the posts where you mention your decision to stand down as co-host of Mailbox Monday, which will be a very sad day. I am assuming that you are still going to continue with your reading, with the support of your blog posts and won’t be leaving us altogether? 🙂


  3. So much cuteness! I’m not sure there’s anything cuter than kittens and I’m not all that much of a cat person! How is she getting along with Kaiyo?

  4. Our Son once found a kitten in a city storm drain. The name storm stuck but alas he couldn’t live here, I have a big allergy to cats.

  5. She’s very cute and it’s so nice of you to take her in.

  6. She’s definitely a real cutie. The only cat we have was found as a kitten by my daughter at a 5-way intersection in town about 4 years ago. We had 3 dogs, including a greyhound, so we weren’t sure about keeping her. However, she adapted quite well and has turned out to be a great indoor cat. Blessings to you and the new member of your family.

  7. So happy you gave this cutie a home. Huge cat fan here. We once had 6 but now just 3 senior cats…like us

  8. What a delightful little KITTEN,and so KIND of you for taking her
    into your home and heart.
    Are you KEEPING her/his name as KITTY ?
    I love cats and KITTENS too !
    Best wishes,

    ABCW team.

  9. Unbelievable isn’t it what some people can do to animals, especially the littelst ones who need our help the most

    We call animals often ‘beasts’ but the true beasts are some humans

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

  10. She’s adorable. Same thing happened at the place I worked years ago. (How can anyone do this to animals? If they weren’t rescued, they would have died terrible deaths.) Anyway, three kittens to three homes, and three weeks later, everyone had ringworm.

    All (including the kittens) were treated, the kittens were still adorable, and our cat (at least) was well worth it!

  11. She’s so cute! I wouldn’t be able to resist.

  12. I’m glad you have a new member of the family. People can be heartless, abandoning pets like this. I am about to post on a similar theme, someone dumped two Siamese cats behind the church near our home. Fortunately they are in rescue now.

    I hope you’ll post updates about this sweet kitty.

  13. my intro was about kitties, much larger!


  14. What a sweet little kitty. 🙂 I am glad that she has found a good home. Who couldn’t love such adorable furriness?

    Have a blessed day!

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