Jul 022016


My daughter and I went to Brownwood Paddock Square, which is like an outdoor mall and has shopping/dining/entertainment. It’s described as being “Reminiscent of an early century Florida cattle town”. We went early in the morning, about a half hour before most stores opened, so we could explore at a slow pace and really check everything out. It’s a really cool place and a lot of people go during the day for the shops, movie theaters (3) and restaurants. They have a large entertainment area and have live bands etc. at night, so it’s really hopping then and on the weekends. We really enjoyed the time we spent there, and would like to go back soon. We saw this feller sitting on a fence and I had to take a photo of him.

Saturday Snapshot

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  12 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Brownwood Paddock Square”

  1. I think he has relatives here in Texas!

  2. I love bronze statues that blend into the environment around them. Some can only be recognized as statues from up close. Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a handsome fella!

  4. Sounds like you had a really fun day. And that statue was certainly worth a pic! Isn’t it enjoyable to discover new places to explore…

  5. Yes I’d take a picture of him too. I’ve never associated Florida with cattle!

    • Ever hear the term “Florida Crackers”? It’s because cattle farmers used to crack their whips at the cattle and so they got that nickname.

  6. That sounds like a lovely place to spend some time. Cowboys are the last thing I think of when I think of Florida!

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