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This week the prompt is: Things I miss about being a kid

Oh man, where do I start? Ok, these are in no particular order.

1. School. I miss everything about going to school. I miss being in class and learning new things, having lunch in the lunch room, and even though I still keep in touch with most of my friends from 1st grade up, I miss being with them in person, having sleep overs and going to the mall on Saturdays with my 2 bff’s.

2. Going camping and on vacations with my mom, dad, and brother.

3. Playing baseball, riding bikes, going to the roller rink, movies etc. with all the neighborhood kids.

4. Getting to live all over Ohio. My mom and dad owned a house in Columbus, but fo years my dad’s job sent him to other cities in Ohio. So during summer vacation he would rent us a house wherever he was working and we’d spend the summer there. It was a lot of fun getting to explore all the different places.

5. Being a Girl Scout and everything we did together.

6. Spending time with my mom and dad, especially on the weekends.

7. Having my brother and two of my sisters (the oldest got married when I was 3 and lived nearby) live in the same house. We had some really fun times.

8. Holidays. The whole family would get together every holiday and it was so much fun.

9. I miss my dog Buffy. He was an American Eskimo and was a beautiful loving dog. I miss spending time with him, and cuddling with him.

10. I miss living at the lake. We could fish off our dock, go out in the boat, swim, and most winters the lake froze far enough out that we could go ice skating.

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  10 Responses to “Beyond The Books: Things I Miss About Being A Kid”

  1. I would miss living by the lake and doing all those great things too, Vicki. The thing I miss most about my childhood is my best friend. We were friends all through school, up until our early twenties when suddenly for some strange reason we lost each other. We remember each other at Christmas and on our birthdays but that’s it. Really quite sad but who knows, we could find each other again at some point (bit difficult as we now live in different countries). Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, that is really sweet to read all your ‘missed’ things and people. I’m not sure I really miss all that much, other than people. I was a reader then and I’m a reader now. I do miss my Mom and Dad and sister. Sigh.

  3. People are definitely what I miss most. I was not a big fan of school but thankfully I was smart enough to be able to skate through without much work. College I liked but that was different. Living all over the state sounds fun. I imagine those summers were such an adventure discovering new things.

  4. I forgot to have the holidays to my list. It was so nice when my siblings and cousins were young and we were together for all the holidays. Now that we are all married with kids we rarely are all together for the holidays. Nice list!

  5. I miss not having any responsibilities!!

  6. Great list! I miss the dog I grew up with. I loved her so much.

  7. Very nice list, Vicki. Mine would include time with family on vacations and long walks. I liked school as well, although the days would seem so long at times.

  8. I miss having my sister living near me. I only get to see her a couple of times a month. I think I enjoyed television shows a lot more as a child. 🙂

  9. This is such a great prompt! I have no idea where to start either with this question. But I miss much of the same things as you do. It’s funny that when we are children, we just want to grow up and then we are suddenly adults and all we want to do is be kids again.

  10. I miss school too and am a little sad that Gage doesn’t love it. I love your nomadic Ohio life. What fun that must have been!

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